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Flowers, Steel, and Ink

A Floating Dream

Fujita Tokio
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This is a character journal for meiji_restored. I am also the player of squidboyno2. Currently friends-only (limited to fellow players); there may be public posts in the future.

Historical Notes
Takagi Tokio (高木時尾) was born in the spring of 1846, the eldest child of Aizu retainer Takagi Kojuurou. Her birth name was Sada -- Tokio was a nickname she took later on, which was further revised to Tokioko during the Meiji era. She had two younger siblings, Tami and Morinosuke (Tami died in childhood?), and eventually married Saitou Hajime/Yamaguchi Jirou/Fujita Gorou/whatever the heck you want to call him, at the relatively late age of twenty-eight. (Most women in those times, especially those from higher classes like merchant or samurai families, were married by age sixteenish.) Saitou was only two years older than her -- again, something rather out of the norm for those times. They ended up having three sons (well, the youngest was actually adopted, I believe), Tsutomu, Tsuyoshi, and Tatsuo. Later in life she worked with Saitou at a women's high school in Tokyo. (http://www.shinsengumihq.com/TakagiTokioinfo.htm)

For the purposes of the Himuragumi RPG, I have messed quite a bit with her background, and am only following history on certain points.

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Himuragumi Anniversary 2005: Most Surprising Moment